Beer is in its wildest state of existence in history.
What was once a small handful of ingredients used to create a few types of brews is now a raging flavor bomb for the mouthhole:

With Sour Ales using tropical guava, to IPAs adding oysters for tastes of the sea and Stouts with succulent mouth feels and finishes of coffee, maple and pine
a new culinary ingredient is born.

So we set out to harness the magic of cooking with beers old and new and created Just+Add Beer Sauce and Marinade Mix™, the first sauce designed for cooking and grilling with beer. Our sauces are all natural, vegan, gluten-free and made with umami-rich ingredients that pair perfectly with the sour-acidity and complexity of beer to create intense flavor experiences.

Now, you can just add ✨ IPAs, DIPAs, Stouts, Lagers, Saisons, Berliner Weiss, Hefeweizens and more to
create sauces, dips and marinades flavored by the notes of your favorite beers to make #newmouthadventures.

What’s this #newmouthadventure you ask?

This is the only way we could find to describe the ride your taste buds go on every time you choose a beer and pair it with one of our sauces. With every new beer and sauce combination you create — you’ll experience unique, intense flavors that’ll take you someplace else — even from your living room, even on a week-night, even in your tiger-striped banana hammock.

So thanks for readin’ all the way down — we can’t wait for you to try it and tell us what you thinkWe appreciate your support and hope you dig it.

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Chef Osh
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